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Callum Newman's Grand Cycle Investor

Imagine if you could not only accurately forecast the boom-bust cycle of the economy…but profitably time it, too.

In Grand Cycle Investor, you’ll discover how you could do so.

This is powerful information, based off centuries of data and history, which few people understand.

Investment legend Jim Rogers long ago identified compounding as ‘the magic of investing’. This is the way to grow whatever financial resources you have into a substantial fortune.

It means you MUST invest in the RIGHT ASSET…at the RIGHT TIME.

Sometimes that means buying a block of land.

Sometimes that means shares in general.

Sometimes it means specific shares in specific sectors.

And occasionally, it will mean jumping out of the market altogether.

Only knowledge of the ‘grand cycle’ behind the economy can give you the confidence and conviction to make these strategic decisions.

Let the cycle lift you up today!

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Jim Rickard's Strategic Intelligence

If you want to get ahead in this world, it pays to have powerful friends in high places.

And if you sign up to Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, you will make one.

A portfolio manager at the West Shore Group, an adviser on international economics and financial threats to the US Department of Defence and the US intelligence community. And the facilitator of the first financial war game at the Pentagon.

Jim Rickards’ is no ordinary financial newsletter writer.

And Strategic Intelligence is no ordinary financial newsletter…

What will the next big financial crisis look like?

How can you chart a safe course through it?

What investments will die in its duration? Which could flourish? 

Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence sets out to answer these questions for you.

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The Crypto Alert

With dozens of digital currencies exploding as high as 3,475%, 21,611% and even 81,465%…

Historians will call today’s cryptocurrency market the biggest BOOM ever.

You’ve heard about the massive gains, and the potential to make thousands of percent.

Our job is to help you find those opportunities.

It’s not easy. The crypto market is full of coins that are scams, useless or destined for a short life. Volatility can wrench even the best of them up and down like yoyos.

We’ll be the steady hand of assurance when the mainstream media headlines shrill that it’s all a bubble, or a fraud, or going to collapse.

That’s because the future of money, assets markets and finance is being recreated right now.

Just like the internet spawned the tech giants of Google, Facebook and Apple, so will today’s crypto market launch a new generation of tech titans…and millions in profits for their early adopters.

If you missed the epic run of Amazon from 1997 to today, now’s your second chance. It will be the biggest one of your lifetime.

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Hard Money Trader

Shae Russell’s Hard Money Trader helps readers gain front-row access to the action in the most potentially profitable gold and silver plays on the ASX today.

For the first time ever, she unleashes the power of her own proprietary ‘hard money’ stock trading system — the N.I.T.R.I.C. acid test — to focus on turning gold’s next parabolic move higher into substantial profits for you.

Shae goes beyond typical financial research by showing readers what specific gold stocks to buy and sell via her unique system.

The aim is simple: To maximise the potential gains using stocks, the gold spot price and even CFDs for those traders who want to up the stakes.

This is a fast-paced, no BS trading service.

It’s all about high risk…small stakes…for potentially extreme gains.

Each month, this preeminent service also features ‘big picture’ gold market contributions from Jim Rickards, who provides top level insight on all things gold.

Throughout his long career on Wall Street, Jim has developed a lot of gold industry contacts. Combined with Shae’s stock know-how, in Hard Money Trader, you’ll receive monthly coverage and access to world-class top gold picks…as the yellow metal hits ‘mania phase’ towards US$10,000 or more.

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Algo Trend Trader

It’s not often that we get to share a genuine breakthrough with readers.

But that’s what we have here…

The algorithm behind the Algo Trend Trader system provides a genuine Wall Street-style advantage to everyday Australians.

It tracks what we call the ‘big six’ — six key major tickers of the biggest markets in Australia…and is designed to calculate opportune times to enter and exit a trading position.

It does this with the help of a sophisticated computer algorithm.

Algorithms are everywhere in financial markets in 2019.

In fact, according to JP Morgan, 60% of all trading activity worldwide is now done via algorithms.

We’re talking about state-of-the-art Wall Street tech. Some of the biggest investment funds, banks and institutions in the world trade stocks using algorithms these days.

You could certainly call it an ‘edge’.

It’s how we suspect they’re able to post billions of dollars in profits every year…while many of the rest of us grab a few percent here and there doing things ‘the old way’.

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Rock Stock Insider

When it comes to choosing the best mining investments, it pays to have powerful friends in high places.

If you sign up to Shae Russell’s Rock Stock Insider, you will make one.

Rock Stock Insider will connect you to mining industry ‘A-listers’ from all over the world…and let you tap into their insight, ideas and forecasts.

You’ll hear directly from Rick Rule, Jim Rickards, Adrian Day and Grant Williams — among others.

But you’ll also be introduced to geologists, CEOs, economists, journalists, dealers, financial analysts, market analysts, drillers, investors and a range of resource industry experts you won’t hear from in the mainstream Australian media.

And, as you’ll discover, there are plenty of things these industry big-wigs will say to Shae in person…that they won’t often say in public.

That means you’ll get the inside scoop on the best and hottest mining investment stories in Australia and the world…long before they ‘break’ on the evening news…

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What our customers are saying?

I love the DR — its prose style and informed opinion breathe life into what is otherwise a subject utterly beyond my ken. Thank you very much for its very welcome presence on my screen each day.


You guys are brilliant. I feel more relaxed about the future than ever simply because I know what is going on rather than floundering around with smoke screens and mirrors from Government and Main Stream. Thanks.


Keep up the great work guys. Awesome to see an Aussie version of the Daily Reckoning. Always a fantastic read.


I love the evocative writing style and all the interesting historical excursions which flesh out the big themes — there are plenty of dull dry narrowly–focused share tipping type newsletters for those that want them.