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Jim Rickard's Strategic Intelligence

If you want to get ahead in this world, it pays to have powerful friends in high places.

And if you sign up to Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, you will make one.

A portfolio manager at the West Shore Group, an adviser on international economics and financial threats to the US Department of Defence and the US intelligence community. And the facilitator of the first financial war game at the Pentagon.

Jim Rickards’ is no ordinary financial newsletter writer.

And Strategic Intelligence is no ordinary financial newsletter…

What will the next big financial crisis look like?

How can you chart a safe course through it?

What investments will die in its duration? Which could flourish? 

Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence sets out to answer these questions for you.

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Rock Stock Insider

When it comes to choosing the best gold and silver mining investments, it pays to have friends who know their stuff.

If you sign up to Rock Stock Insider, you will make one.

In Rock Stock Insider, Brian Chu uses his decade of hard-won knowledge and first-hand investing experience to help you construct a portfolio of quality gold stocks ahead of the anticipated next bull phase in the gold market.

You’ll learn why it’s so important to understand gold’s often-misunderstood role in the financial system…a role it’s likely to resume as the current system of paper money completely unravels.

Brian has devised a strategy for subscribers to not only protect themselves, but actually prosper as the purchasing power of fiat money erodes…and gold’s value rises. Rock Stock Insider is a service designed to help position you for this outcome via solid gold- and silver-producing equities.

Brian will keep you updated on the latest events in the precious metals markets. And he’ll share insights from his contacts and acquaintances in the industry.

Following the recommendations in Rock Stock Insider may be the most important decision you ever make with regard to your personal finances.

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Algo Trend Trader

It’s not often that we get to share a genuine breakthrough with readers.

But that’s what we have here…

The algorithm behind the Algo Trend Trader system provides a genuine Wall Street-style advantage to everyday Australians.

It tracks what we call the ‘big six’ — six key major tickers of the biggest markets in Australia…and is designed to calculate opportune times to enter and exit a trading position.

It does this with the help of a sophisticated computer algorithm.

Algorithms are everywhere in financial markets in 2019.

In fact, according to JP Morgan, 60% of all trading activity worldwide is now done via algorithms.

We’re talking about state-of-the-art Wall Street tech. Some of the biggest investment funds, banks and institutions in the world trade stocks using algorithms these days.

You could certainly call it an ‘edge’.

It’s how we suspect they’re able to post billions of dollars in profits every year…while many of the rest of us grab a few percent here and there doing things ‘the old way’.

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Hard Money Trader

Brian Chu’s Hard Money Trader helps readers trade some of the most exciting gold and silver plays on the ASX today.

For the first time ever, he shares his own proprietary ‘hard money’ stock trading system — based on the industry-renowned Lassonde Curve model, which tracks the life cycle of mining stocks. His aim is to help you get ready to trade the next phase of gold’s anticipated longer-term bull market in  search of substantial profits.

Brian goes beyond typical financial research by showing you which specific gold stocks to buy and sell via his unique system.

The aim is simple: To maximise the potential gains using stocks, the gold spot price, and even CFDs for those traders who want to up the stakes.

This is high-adrenaline, high-risk, high-reward trading.

It’s meant for small speculative stakes…in tiny, volatile gold stocks…for potentially extreme gains.

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Cycles, Trends & Forecasts

Imagine you could see – with clarity – what will happen in the Australian housing, stock and commodity markets over the next few years…

You’d know exactly the right time to buy a house, apartment or investment property…you’d know the ideal time to profit from a stock market sell-off…and you’d have the confidence to invest in assets when most people are running scared…

Well in the new and exclusive Cycles, Trends and Forecasts, Australian economist and market cycle expert Catherine Cashmore gives you the chance to do just that.

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Catalyst Trader

Let Callum Newman show you how to aim for short term profits out of the market using the most powerful tactic he knows…anticipating company announcements.

If you’ve seen or heard about a stock rising 10, 20, 30 — even 50% in a day, it likely came off the back on the release of ‘good news’.

Hundreds of these announcements happen every day. These can bring powerful momentum and volume into each individual stock and create potential tradeable opportunities.

It could be a profit upgrade, a significant resource discovery, a successful drug trial, new client wins — anything that raises the expected profit or growth of the stock. But you must have your position in the stock BEFORE any announcement hits the market.

Here’s just one example from thousands.

ASX small-cap Bigtincan Holdings Ltd [ASX:BTH] jumped over 20% on the 22 January 2020 after releasing its quarterly report. Six trading days later it rose another 25% on 31 January after announcing a new $6 million contract.

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Cashmore’s Real Estate Wealth

Welcome to Cashmore’s Real Estate Wealth, your complete guide to investing in real estate in Australia.

This is a complete 13-part crash course in all aspects of investing in the current post-pandemic market climate.

Whatever current market conditions are, at the root of our property obsession lies one cold, hard fact…

There is NO greater way to build long-term, retirement-sustaining wealth than through smart, astute property investing.

Cashmore’s Real Estate Wealth is going to open up an entire treasure trove of inside knowledge for you in the months to come, should you decide to become a student. Hard-won observations, lessons, tactics and methodologies that your average property punter is often completely ignorant about.

This really is an exciting, intriguing and, hopefully, extremely profitable journey for you if you join us today.

The key — in many areas, as you’ll see as the course progresses — is to work as hard as you can to see things that other people can’t see.

Both at the bigger-picture level — the overall land cycle that dictates the market as a whole.

And at the ‘granular’ level too. You’re going to learn tricks and tactics your buying competition simply does not know.

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I love the DR — its prose style and informed opinion breathe life into what is otherwise a subject utterly beyond my ken. Thank you very much for its very welcome presence on my screen each day.


You guys are brilliant. I feel more relaxed about the future than ever simply because I know what is going on rather than floundering around with smoke screens and mirrors from Government and Main Stream. Thanks.


Keep up the great work guys. Awesome to see an Aussie version of the Daily Reckoning. Always a fantastic read.


I love the evocative writing style and all the interesting historical excursions which flesh out the big themes — there are plenty of dull dry narrowly–focused share tipping type newsletters for those that want them.