About Us

Hello and welcome to the Fat Tail Media website. I’m James Woodburn, the publisher.

We come to work each day here in Albert Park, Melbourne, with a simple goal: to publish investment ideas that challenge you, make you think, and (hopefully) change your life for the better.

We are a marketplace of ideas.

What our editors and researchers look for each day are great ideas…ideas that stand the test of time.

Sometimes those ideas are mainstream. Sometimes they are not. When they’re not, they are especially important to you, our reader.

Why? Because it’s those ideas that are most valuable.

Let me briefly explain.

You know what the bell curve shows…

It’s the way things are distributed in nature. It could be anything. It could be a graphic to show how tall people are. The very tall people are on one side and the very short people are on the other. Most people fall in the middle of the bell curve.

Or a bell curve could illustrate temperature…with the very hot days on the right and the very cold days on the left. Again, most days are in the middle.

You could also use the bell curve to describe the financial industry in Australia.

On this bell curve is all the investment advice and ideas peddled by the mainstream financial media and advisors. These too are in the centre of the bell curve. They are ideas everyone knows and everyone believes to be the best way.

But the wacky, edgy, slightly less reputable, but much more valuable ideas, are on either side of the fat middle ground.

As you may suspect, these are the ideas we explore at Fat Tail Media. They are the best ideas to find.

We’re on the edge. We’re the alternative financial press. We’re the ones with the edgy ideas and edgy opinions.

And that gives you three important key benefits and advantages…

1. Better information. The best type of information to have is what’s both new and not widely understood. That’s where the real profit opportunities are.

2. Superior knowledge. Mainstream media is mostly comforting. It tells you what you already know. It doesn’t challenge you. It doesn’t worry you or excite you. And it’s supported in large part by advertisers who are trying to sell you products. But we are not beholden to outside advertisers. We tell you how it is according to the facts as we see them.

3. True wisdom. You will never make money buying what everybody else already thinks is the next ‘sure thing’. That’s because mainstream financial ideas are already well known and fully priced in. Only fringe ideas — those that are not yet widely known or accepted — have the potential to pay off.

All new financial and investment ideas and trends start on the edge of the bell curve. That’s where innovation takes place. Of course, not all innovations make it to prime time.

In fact, most don’t!

But we try our hardest to find the ones that will…because they’re where the best and most profitable opportunities are.

And that’s where we differ from any other news outlet, information provider or financial advisor in Australia.

We are fiercely independent.

We don’t manage money or take a commission for selling other financial products. The only advertising we pass on is for our own research, and only because we think you might find it useful.

And it’s in this vein we explore the edges of the bell curve and report our findings to you…the ideas and recommendations we believe are the most compelling.

If you like what we do, you pay for it. If you don’t, you don’t.

It’s as simple as that.

And it’s this simple arrangement that gives us the freedom to say what we really think about the stock market, the economy and the world…and to publish investment ideas you will not find anywhere else.

One final point on the philosophy that underpins the daily work we do here.

It’s a philosophy that was drilled into me by my friend and mentor when I started out in this business 13 years ago.

In his words:

Money is not wealth. Money is a means to an end. That end is whatever you choose it to be. But the way you get there is with better research. That leads to better investing. Better investing leads to financial independence. And financial independence allows you to live a better, richer, and freer life.’

If that sounds good to you, then have a look around. Sign up to our free e-letter The Daily Reckoning Australia, or one of our advisory services.

And I hope this is beginning of a long and prosperous relationship.

Best wishes,

James Woodburn,
Publisher, Fat Tail Media