Callum Newman

Callum Newman originally studied Communications (Journalism) before deciding financial markets were far more fascinating than anything Marshall McLuhan ever came up with.

Ever since he’s been studying to discover why currencies, commodities and stocks move like they do.

Between 2014 and 2016 he launched Cycles, Trends and Forecasts and Time Trader with the preeminent economist and author Phillip J. Anderson.

In 2015 he created The Newman Show Podcast, tapping his network of contacts, including investing legend Jim Rogers, plus best selling authors Jim Rickards, George Friedman and Richard Maybury.

He also launched the hugely popular daily Money Morning Trader service, profiling the hottest stocks on the ASX each trading day.

Today, he proudly takes the mantle at Fat Tail Media as Profit Watch’s chief editor. He helms our flagship stock investing letter, Grand Cycle Investor.