Shae Russell

Shae Russell’s first foray into the wide world of financial markets began more than a decade ago. As a consultant at a derivatives brokering firm, she helped clients navigate the complex world of derivatives and technical analysis.

Over the past nine years, Shae’s worked as an analyst on some of Australia’s most popular and widely-read financial investment newsletters. Now she joins the team at Fat Tail Media as co-editor of The Daily Reckoning Australia.

Shae, an avid gold investor, also works alongside Jim Rickards as his Australian analyst for Strategic Intelligence, an advisory dedicated to showing Aussie investors how to read and take advantage of global macro trends. And more recently, she just launched a brand new VIP advisory, which for the first time ever unleashes her N.I.T.R.I.C. System ‘acid test’ to help readers buy and sell the most speculative mining stocks on the ASX and around the world.