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Shae Russell’s Hard Money Trader


The goal of Hard Money Trader is simple: To show you how to potentially increase your wealth by exploiting a very rare, and historically very lucrative, gold window.

This ‘gold window’ has opened up at least four times in the past four decades.

Once from 1978 to 1980…once from 1994 to 1996…once from 2005 to 2007…

And, Shae believes it’s opening again…RIGHT NOW.

This is what this service aims to help you profit from.

You see, once every 10 years or so, you could have the rare chance to benefit by tweaking the way you buy gold.

It’s a strategy that historically, could have magnified your gains in gold (and silver) many times over.

You should know now that Hard Money Trader will not be for everyone.

It’s much riskier than simply buying bullion.
But in the right market conditions…this form of gold investing could have a significant impact on your life.

That may sound sensational.

But consider this…

The first granddaddy of modern-day gold bull markets that occurred during the 1970s could have done that.

It culminated in an unabashed mania between 1979 and 1980.

Gold peaked at $850 an ounce on 21 January 1980…rising 276% from the beginning of 1979.

That’s right… The price of gold on the last trading day of 1978 was a mere $226 an ounce.

But just look at how much more money this sampling of US stocks made from the same period in this era…

And while not all gold stocks performed like these, if you bought a reasonably diversified portfolio of these top-performing gold stocks prior to 1979, your initial investment could’ve grown 23 times in just two years.

If you managed to grab even just 80% of that move, your account balance still could’ve grown over 1,850%.

Can the same kinds of gains be made today here in Australia?

That’s what this VIP service aims to find out.

The ‘gold window’ has opened on just three occasions since 1979.

Each time the ‘mania profit phase’ lasted a minimum of 18 months…and no more than two years.

And each time some unimaginable gains were made in a very special kind of stock.

This is where the idea for Hard Money Trader was born.

If the gold window is opening again, are the same moves by the same kinds of stocks likely to repeat?

And if they are, can we identify them…and TRADE them?

Using her proprietary N.I.T.R.I.C. stock screen ‘acid test’ system…Shae is aiming to do just that.

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