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Top Australian economist John Adams

When it comes to choosing the best mining investments, it pays to have powerful friends in high places.

If you sign up to Shae Russell’s Rock Stock Insider, you will make one.

From the deep-pocketed private investor based in Switzerland to the hard-bitten geologist hunting for the next big find in some remote and underdeveloped backwater, my goal is to bring their prized knowledge, wisdom and insight to you.

And with it, the chance to make better and more successful mining investment decisions.

Rock Stock Insider is no ordinary investment newsletter…

Jordan Eliseo, Senior Investment Manager at the Perth Mint…

For example, I recently discovered that there is a team of experts ‘hunting elephants’ out in eastern Asia.

No, not REAL elephants.

See, when insiders say they’re ‘hunting elephants’…they really mean they are out looking for mammoth gold deposits….somewhere in the region of 50 million ounces!

But it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever read about that in The Australian Financial Review

Then there’s ‘Person X’ — one of my deep-cover industry contacts.

I’m not allowed to reveal their name, the company they work for, or exactly what they do…but ‘Person X’ recently spent over an hour with me, debunking everything I’d ever read on Bloomberg or Reuters about rare earths…

Jim and I getting down to the serious business of gold, interest rates and the Fed.

And what about gold? I have go-to gold experts in my network who know exactly what’s happening inside the gold market…from how it gets out of the ground…to how mining shares work…and what it all means for gold priced in Australian dollars…

More importantly, they know how Aussie investors can potentially capitalise on different scenarios in the gold market (sign up and I’ll share heaps of ideas with you over the coming months).

This is the purpose of Rock Stock Insider.

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