Time Trader

History repeats.

And by knowing the past, you can often forecast the future.

Learn this for yourself in Terence Duffy’s Time Trader service.

Terence combines the work of the legendary stock trader WD Gann, with his big picture cycle knowledge. A combination that can put you in the right stock at the right time.

Discover for yourself that markets are not random. And learn how the stock chart can often forecast the future action to come.

Building on the work of WD Gann, Time Trader does what few others do. It applies the study of ‘time’ to markets. This is your trading edge.

Gain a better understanding of markets, as Terence uses his decades of trading experience to show you how to trade within the grand cycle.

This unique time-based charting approach and big picture cycle knowledge can help put the trading odds in your favour.

Everything to date continues to indicate this current grand cycle is unfolding like all others.

Discover how to take advantage of it all in the market, as Time Trader ‘remembers the future’.

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